Approval granted for new development at Cranbrook

Approval granted for new development at CranbrookPlanning approval has been granted for the extension of a main road which will open up the second phase of a new multi-million development of Cranbrook in East Devon.     

East Devon District Council has approved the ‘detailed plans’ for using £6 million for roads and infrastructure needed to develop a new town centre, which will enable work to start in earnest early next year.

This work is a key part of the Homes and Communities Agency’s £20 million investment to ensure the pace of new homes building in Cranbrook is maintained.

The remaining £14 million of funds will support the construction of a new secondary school and a second primary school as part of the next phase of Cranbrook’s development.

Access and layout details have been approved for the alignment of the main route that will link the phase one Younghayes area with the secondary school and second primary school for Cranbrook which gained planning approval in March this year.

East Devon District Council Leader Cllr Paul Diviani said: “Cranbrook sits in one of the most dynamic growth areas in England, providing the opportunity to live close to the workplace, and is in line with our vision to be a major player in the knowledge industry and drive up quality employment opportunities. This is not an opportunity waiting to happen; we are getting on with it”.

Steve Jackson, HCA Area Manager, said: “This is a great way to end an exciting year for Cranbrook, which continues to attract families into the hundreds of newly completed homes.

“This latest approval means we will be starting 2014 as we have ended this one, and people can expect to see partners building on the progress that has been made. These are exciting times for Cranbrook and it is good to see our investment is making a difference on the ground.”

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