Scottish Government on track for affordable housing target

Scottish Government on track for affordable housing targetNew housing statistics show the Scottish Government is ahead of its target of 30,000 new affordable homes by 2016 while boosting the building trades and creating new jobs.

According to new figures published today 7,012 affordable homes were delivered over the last year and 19,900 homes have now been delivered by the Scottish Government through the Affordable Housing Supply Programme since 2011.

The number of homes completed and delivered through the programme in the year to March 2014 was up 17 per cent on the previous 12 months while approvals were up by 43 per cent.

The latest figures also show that in the final quarter of 2013, 3,046 private sector new builds were completed. This is the first time in four years the quarterly figure has been above 3,000.

Housing Minister Margaret Burgess said: “These statistics show that our commitment to increasing the supply of affordable homes in Scotland is paying off and I am delighted to say we are well on track to deliver our target of 30,000 affordable homes during the lifetime of this Parliament.

“But we cannot rest on our laurels. The supply of affordable housing continues to be a high priority for us and we are working with the entire housing sector to increase the supply of affordable homes and deliver vital support for construction and house building companies throughout Scotland . And to back this up we are investing over £1.35 billion in affordable housing in the four years to March 2016.

“Our £275 million investment in Help to Buy will bring much needed economic growth to Scotland by supporting our housing industry and creating employment opportunities.

“It’s clear we are making progress but we could do so much more with the full powers of independence. We would have full flexibility over budgets, investment and innovative financing to further support the supply of much needed new homes.”

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