Bristol enterprise zone will bring home more local jobs

Bristol enterprise zones will bring home more local jobsBristol has been awarded funding as part of a £23 million national urban redevelopment that will boost the trades and create 900 new jobs.

The money will enable the redevelopment of additional underused and derelict land and encourage further businesses to open in the area.

Speaking in Bristol, Minister for Communities Stephen Williams said: “Bristol city centre has already been transformed through the government and local enterprise zone’s support for the area, with run-down buildings redeveloped and turned into thriving businesses.

“This transformation has helped create 900 new jobs locally, through success stories such as the Engine Shed’s new business development area.

“I want to keep up this pace of transformation, and the new £6m of funding announced today will help more neglected areas within the city centre to be bought up, redeveloped and opened up again for business.”

Bristol’s enterprise zone has already encouraged 80 companies to move into the area in new developments such as the Engine Shed, Temple Studios, the expansion of Paintworks and the office development at 2 Glass Wharf. There are also several other sites ready for new development.

Geoff Gollop, Deputy Mayor of Bristol said: “This £6 million government capital funding for the Bristol Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone is in response to a specific request to government and is extremely good news. It is yet another example of Bristol being recognised nationally as making solid progress with its regeneration plans.

“This particular funding will enable us to bring forward development and jobs in the enterprise zone which in turn will bring further investment to the city.

“I also welcome the work commencing on the bridge to Arena Island which is set to bring so much more than the arena itself which is already proving a significant catalyst for development in the enterprise zone and will give a huge boost to the city region.”

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