Thousands of new jobs expected in Enterprise Areas by 2020

The Scottish GovernmentScotland’s latest proposed Enterprise Area – the Biocity industrial tech incubator – could see employment boosted by another 180 new jobs in the next five years.

And based on growth rates already seen across the existing 15 Enterprise Areas (EAs) across Scotland, a potential 1800 jobs could be supported by the extension of the EA status until 2020.

First Minister announced plans to designate Biocity as an Enterprise Area in the Scottish Government’s Programme for Government earlier this month, together with the extension of existing Enterprise Areas to 2020.

The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon and Deputy First Minister, John Swinney toured the site today as part of a visit to neighbouring Coatbridge for the latest in the Scottish Government’s series of travelling Cabinets.

Ms Sturgeon said:“Enterprise Areas in Scotland at sites like Irvine and Edinburgh’s Bioquarter are already doing a terrific job creating new economic opportunities, new partnerships with education and – most importantly – new jobs across the country.

Based on patterns of growth already seen at these existing sites, we expect potentially 1800 new jobs in Scotland’s Enterprise Areas between now and 2020.

Here at Biocity we expect to see up to 180 new jobs – highly skilled and high-value jobs in an area where we are continuing to work hard with partners to make sure the benefits of economic growth are felt across the board.”

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