Morgan Sindall starts work for Leeds Trinity University

Morgan Sindall starts work for Leeds Trinity UniversityMorgan Sindall has reached a key milestone in the construction of an £8.5 million student accommodation block at Leeds Trinity University.

The seven-storey building will include 228 en-suite bedrooms within its 29 ‘cluster’ apartments which each share communal amenities such as kitchens and living areas.

The building, which will enclose a private green courtyard, will be set within a newly landscaped environment with improved pedestrian access routes.

Each level of the building will typically include one seven-bedroom, one six-bedroom and three nine-bedroom clusters whilst a reception area, laundry, coffee lounge and games room will be situated on the ground floor. Two wardens’ apartments and 13 disabled access rooms will also be included.

The building will help the University accommodate its expected student growth numbers for the next five years. Existing buildings on the University campus have inspired the new building’s design and have been used as the driving influence on the form of the new accommodation block.

Chris Brown, operations director at Morgan Sindall’s Leeds office, said: “The new student accommodation is really taking shape. Today’s ceremony was a key milestone for us and a proud moment for everyone associated with the project. We have worked extremely hard to get to this point.

This is an important project for us and plays directly to our strengths and experience within the student accommodation market.

Professor Margaret House, Vice-Chancellor at Leeds Trinity University, said: “This project highlights Leeds Trinity University’s commitment to developing and sustaining a campus that reflects its ambitions as a growing institution, as well as providing an aesthetically pleasing, sustainable environment that our staff, students and the local community can be proud of.”

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