Council gives the go-ahead for Ash Lodge Drive development

Ash Lodge Drive development given the go-aheadGuildford Borough Council has approved plans for the building of 400 new homes as part of the Ash Lodge Drive site development that will create jobs and boost the local economy.

Bewley Homes  and A2 Dominion Enterprises applied for outline planning permission to develop the 22.1 hectare site with access from Ash Lodge Drive and South Lane.

The plans include the development of up to 400 homes, providing open space including a children’s play area and community allotments.

The Council also gave full planning permission for the change of use of a 24 hectare piece of land adjacent to the site. This will change from agricultural land to a Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) to provide access, pathways and associated landscaping for the development.

Cllr Monika Juneja, Lead Councillor for Planning and Governance, says: “The application generated a large number of objections and concerns from the local community. We considered the application and the issues raised thoroughly before approving the plans. When considering objections to an application, we can only look at those made on material planning grounds.

“The development will provide much needed housing, including affordable homes, for local people. A Section 106 agreement will help provide improvements to infrastructure including a health centre, public transport and road improvements. The developer has also indicated their intention to provide funding to improve leisure facilities in the local area.”

The outline planning permission has determined the level of development acceptable for the site. The appearance, layout, scale and landscaping of any housing on the site is subject to further planning applications.